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It’s all in the jeans: Why you need your first Levi’s

Repeat after me: denim is forever. Despite its humble beginnings as a textile made for the nitty-gritty workers of America’s Wild West, denim jeans have become a closet staple for many stylish individuals such as pop culture icons Jane Birkin and James Dean — and with good reason. Jeans, after all, ...
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Plethora is your Greenwich #UltimateBandkada this 2016

Finding a good band is no joke. There are a lot of things you'll have to consider, like the music that they produce, their camaraderie as a band, and how original and authentic their sound is. Finding a band that can mix up a handful of different genres is another ...
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Harbour City’s 50th is a celebration of fashion and art

For anyone that has dropped by Hong Kong, Harbour City will always be a go-to place for some fashion. Here, you will see the largest and most diverse shopping mall in Hong Kong. Not to mention, it's within this area that you can get inspiration from some of Hong Kong's most ...
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Get ready to run for reading at McDonald’s Stripes Run 2016

Now on its 7th year, McDonald’s will once again host its much-awaited annual family-friendly event. Join in the fun with family and friends while helping children learn how to read at this year’s McDonald’s Stripes Run: Run for Reading. Runners all over Metro Manila and Cebu will get a chance to ...
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Boy bands will be boys: A1 has yet to grow up

A1 was formed in 1998, in that decade we return to when we talk about boy bands. Eighteen years later, Christian Ingebrigsten, Mark Read, and Ben Adams are still touring the world together, and are still acting very much like teenage boys: goofy, rowdy, distracted. (We have to mention that ...
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The 10 ways to use Vaseline petroleum jelly that you didn’t know of

The award-winning Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has earned itself a reputation as a dependable healing product that offers moisturizing, soothing, and protective benefits. But did you know that apart from these tried and tested benefits, there are still hundreds of ways you can use the world’s original wonder jelly?     There are, in fact, 101


Four ways to make your eye make-up look mod this 2016

They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, it can never lie. This whole month of October, SM Beauty wants to celebrate the beauty of the eyes with its new campaign, “Eyes on Fleek.” With the campaign highlighting key eye trends this year, customers who walk into the beauty section of SM Department Store can


Yosi Samra introduces first pointed and lace-up ballerina flats

Inspired by 70’s Glamour and New York’s inimitable street style, Yosi Samra has again successfully incorporated runway details for FW16 into his trademark foldable (and comfort-certified) ballet flats. Watch out for fur lined insoles, bold animal prints, distressed leather, hand painted details, tartan print-on-print patterns, glitter, fringed leather, rabbit fur pom-poms, rich metallic tones. Two new

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Michael Kors and Fujifilm just created the classiest Instax

The Instax has always been a Millennial’s staple. It has grown to be their go-to camera instead of those heavy DSLRs. Now, it’s made even better and classier with the help of luxury designer, Michael Kors, who has collaborated with Fujifilm for the brand’s first ever fashion partnership that captures the creativity of the fashion, photography

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A millennial state of mind

If you’re ever looking for a more adult, less neon alternative to The Carrie Diaries — because you’re not a twenty-something Carrie trying to find her voice in New York, but a more mature, accomplished, battle-scarred woman trying to make it...

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Man vs. mountain

Text and photos by JUSTIN ONG The Annapurna Circuit trek, estimated to run as long as 230 km — which is, if you ignore the elevation, like walking from...


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